Compaq (康柏) S720 驱动程序免费下载(ver. 3.­50)

在本页面,您可以永久免费下载Compaq (康柏) S720 驱动程序,设备类型为监视器。

Compaq (康柏) S720 (ver. 3.­50) EXECUTABLE SELF-EXTRACTING 发布 2006.03.17。

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类型 监视器
品牌 Compaq (康柏)
设备 S720
操作系统 Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 95, Windows 98
版本 3.­50
文件大小 6.1 Mb
已发布 2006.03.17

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ICM stands for Image Color Matching.­ The ICM files are data files that are used in conjunction with some graphics programs to provide consistent color matching from monitor screen to printer,­ or from scanner to the monitor screen.­ Adds new HP Display Installer program,­ which automatically detects and installs the correct monitor drivers.­ HOW TO USE: Download the SoftPaq to a directory on your hard drive.­ The file downloaded is a self-extracting executable with a filename based on the SoftPaq Number above.­ Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.­ Clicking the "Yes" button on the License Agreement screen will start the copying process.­ After copying has completed,­ clicking the "Finish" button will close the install program.­ Once the HP Display Installer program exits,­ click Finish to close the installation program.­ NOTES: After the files have been installed,­ the SoftPaq .­EXE file downloaded in Step 1 can be deleted,­ if desired.­ Detailed installation instructions are located in Readme.­txt file,­ which is located in SoftPaq destination folder.­

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