Compaq (康柏) ProLinea CDS QVision 2000/­2000+ Support 驱动程序免费下载(ver. 2.­01 A)

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QVision 2000/­2000+ Support (ver. 2.­01 A) 发布 1996.01.15。

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类型 PC
品牌 Compaq (康柏)
设备 ProLinea CDS
操作系统 Windows 95
版本 2.­01 A
文件大小 986 Kb
已发布 1996.01.15

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QVision 2000/­2000+ Support for Compaq ProLinea CDS Type: Driver - Graphics This software provides support for the Compaq QVision 2000 and 2000+ graphics controllers in a Microsoft Windows 95 environment.­ To find out if your computer has a Compaq QVision 2000 or 2000+ graphics controller,­ open the Windows 95 Control Panel and double-click the "System" icon.­ In the "System Properties" dialog choose the "Device Manager" tab,­ make sure that "View devices by type" is checked,­ then click the plus symbol ("+") next to "Display adapters".­ The name of the graphics adapter used by your computer will appear beneath the "Display adapters" node on the device tree.­

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